Friday, March 16, 2012

Political Police

Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of allegations and denials regarding a new unit in the Royal Bahamas Police Force supposedly formed to spy on the opposition parties, the PLP and the DNA. Unfortunately, none of the allegations contained anything even remotely resembling facts. So why am I mentioning this?

One of the comments on an article on the Tribune's website, "Tal Russell" asks, "Why is it this FNM regime is not scaring the hell out of their own supporters?" Well, Mr. Russell, it is. But it is not this latest set of allegations that is scaring any conscious Bahamian, rather it is a whole long list of foolish statements made by this current government.

For one, there's the PM, styling himself as "Papa." This here former FNM voter does not wish to be governed by a man who proudly adopts the nickname of a dead Haitian dictator.

And then, special police unit or not, I must remind my readers of the statements the Minister for National Security, Tommy Turnquest, made during the BTC privatisation and the protests surrounding it. He threatened the unions with putting the Royal Bahamas DEFENCE Force on alert. Only dictatorship use the military in internal conflicts.

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