Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Last Prediction

Honoured as I was by the recent shout out from Dr. Bethel's blog, the time has come to close the chapter this blog attempted to contribute to further democratising Bahamian society. Dr. Bethel is correct in criticising too much anonymity, yet anonymity has always been an integral ingredient in the online discourse, and anonymity allows for the freer expression of critical thought. It allows writers to play with ideas one does not necessarily subscribe to, to solicit reactions. Unfortunately, I was interpreted as a blog campaigning against the FNM - and, by extension, for the PLP. Apparently, I was misunderstood.

There are probably good reasons for this misunderstanding. It is more important to criticise those in power, and easier. Yet, I should have paid more attention to criticising the poor opposition work we received from elected PLPs in the House, because the opposition role is an important responsibility in a democracy, too, and The Bahamas has yet to see an opposition doing a good job. However, if I gave the impression that a change back to what we have had before would bring back a Golden Age, then be assured, the only thing characterising that period as Golden in my memory is the colour the PLP chose for its logo. In addition, I believe that the few voices in our media landscape capable of writing critically tend to be more sympathetic towards the FNM, thus criticising the PLP more readily. When the PLP says or does something stupid, there will be a well written article about it, calling them out, chastising them. And it will be there fast. If the FNM says or does something stupid, there is barely a reaction. So I called them out creating an unbalanced blog as a result. My apologies.

Throughout the life of this blog, I had hoped for more reactions from my readers, 300 to 400 every month, according to site stats. However, there never was any feedback. Whether this is because people did not want to discuss with Anonymous, or because people did not want to discuss? Who knows.

Before I go, I will leave you with a prediction though, regarding the general elections in nine days. The Bahamas will have the same government after the election as it does now. Nothing will change. That's right, I called it. But: This is not saying that I believe the FNM will win, that Hubert Ingraham will be Prime Minister again. This is saying that regardless of which party will send more MPs to the House, and regardless of whether the Prime Minister's name is going to be Hubert Ingraham, Perry Christie, or Branville McCartney, the policies put before us, and the style of governance will not significantly change.

Opportunities, genuine opportunities for drastic improvement that is, will remain an elusive illusion for most. Benefits will continue to be reaped by a small group of Bay Street Boys or Sunshine Boys, or maybe Lighthouse Keepers.

Bahamas, you deserve better. But unless you demand better, you will only get same old, same old.

Should you miss this blog, just fine tune your ears, because you can hear me elsewhere, too, sharing the same thoughts in other fora. This is no big loss. If you did not like the blog, well, then it is not a big loss anyway. Thank you for reading, and good bye.