Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hodder Resigns!

The College Council has just confirmed that this will be Janyne Hodder's last year at the helm of the College of the Bahamas:

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To the casual onlooker, it looks like a routine retirement decision, but to anyone with a sceptical mind, it looks like Hodder can't take the heat no more. She was hired a mere three years ago, and she was tasked with completing COB's transition to university status.

I can't claim to know how far COB's administration and the government have managed to push the necessary paperwork, but by looking at COB's campus, its students and its graduates, our estimate is that COB is lightyears away from becoming a real university, and anything the college or the government will do would be limited to calling it a university. Cheating on labels, how utterly surprising this should happen in this country.

If Hodder resigns before this project is completed, this equates to an admission of failure.

Also, while COB seems to have some control over the island's media, we have noticed that there is talk about the faculty going on strike. Two things come to mind: From the beginning, Hodder's relationship with the union was marred. And, this would not be the first time in Hodder's career that her faculty go on strike. Right now, COB should be negotiating a new industrial agreement with the Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas.

If Hodder resigns before a new industrial agreement is signed, her tenure must be regarded as a failure.

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